Debbie’s Story

I have been a volunteer now for over 12 years, wow were has that gone! I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Simon Says is a fabulous charity!

The support it provides to children and their families is so vital and it is so rewarding to be part of this lovely team. I have made many lifetime friends  through volunteering and I do think it’s made me a happier and kinder person.

All sounds odd when you think bereavement, but the charity is about so much more than “death” it’s also about healing and hope. It’s about providing a safe, and secure place for children to not be afraid to show how they feel, and to be themselves at this difficult time. To be listened to for however long they need, a shoulder to cry on, to express all the mixed up feelings they may have, to laugh because we do have fun and that’s ok ! To ultimately offer them kindness, respect, and a place to heal.

No one can take away the pain or shorten the journey, but the charity can help them find ways to manage their own unique grief journey.

There is pain in grief, but this charity helps families find hope for their future, and to be a part of this is truly amazing x