Hannah’s Story

Victoria was my teacher at college. I always found it engaging to hear her talk from experience instead of a text-book so when she told us about Simon Says, I knew that I wanted to learn hands on.

It wasn’t until I went to my aunt’s funeral that I realised how challenging it was to lose someone and how lonely it felt so I decided to reach out to Simon Says as I wanted to help families who need the support.

Simon Says is the most rewarding experience, I have seen children grow in confidence and those who I never expected to open up have found it within themselves to confide in the volunteers which is such a special feeling. The appreciation from the family when I talk to them about some of the activities their child has done at the session and some of the things they have opened up about, shows how beneficial Simon Says is, to not only the child, but the whole family. Seeing the families come together at support groups and events makes it all the more worth it, to know they have such a great group around them and it’s all thanks to the staff and volunteers at Simon Says. It is inspiring to hear some of the older children, families and volunteers talk about their journey of grief and how much Simon Says helped them.