James’ Dragon’s Back Fundraiser

[Image description: Collage of photographs of James, Chris and their family.]


James takes on the Dragon’s Back Race in memory of his cousin Chris Lynch.


James Bezant is a successful Coach and Fitness Trainer. On the 4th September he will be taking on one of the toughest mountain races on the planet to raise vital funds for Simon Says Child Bereavement Support.

The annual Dragon’s Back Race in Wales challenges the world’s best ultra-runners with 380km of distance and 17,400 of ascent across 6 days. That is 6 ultra-marathons in 6 days! The amount of training and preparation James has undertaken for this race is incredible. He has been in training for 2 years. We are very honoured he has chosen to support our charity.

We asked him to share his experiences of his challenge with us.

The Dragon’s Back Race is one of the toughest mountain races on the planet. What made you choose this challenge?

“I got to know about this race quite a few years ago now by my cousin, and it was something I just thought would be impossible to do. But as soon as I got back into running, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I suppose I’m attracted to the fact I might not complete it, the mental battles it potentially poses, and I’m also drawn to it because not many people have completed it.”

You are taking on this challenge to raise money for Simon Says. Can you tell us why?

“In 2022 we lost my cousin Chris at the young age of 33. He left behind an amazing wife, Ellie, and two young children. I was chatting with Ellie about taking on the Dagon’s Back Race, and maybe raising money for charity. She spoke to me about Simon Says Child Bereavement Support, a charity she has been in contact with. When I came across your charity, a charity I was completely unaware of, I was blown away by the work you do.”

This challenge is the equivalent of 6 ultra marathons in 6 days! How is your training going?

“Training is going very well with good consistent running and spending time in Wales, understanding the terrain and brushing up on my map reading skills. I do feel an event of this magnitude is something you can never fully be ready for.”

We have watched your reccy videos from the Welsh Mountains. The weather conditions look incredibly harsh. What keeps you motivated on days like these?

“I think that comes with the training in Wales. While the weather can be grim, it is still such a beautiful place. I’m always grateful to train in Wales even though it is not on my doorstep as we just don’t have that terrain in the South of England unfortunately.”

You have, at the time of this interview, already smashed your fundraising target. How have you achieved this?

“I have been very fortunate with amazing people around me, wanting me to achieve this mammoth task. I think once people learn about the event, and they realise how tough it is, and also when people find out about the cause I am raising money for they have been incredibly supportive.”

Huge thanks to James for sharing his story. If you would like to donate to James’ JustGiving page you can do so here: