How am I going to live my life without them?

It is difficult, and often impossible, to imagine life without your special person. All of what was, and all of your plans for the future, everything has changed. The love you have for them will never lessen, they will always be an important part of your life BUT the pain you are now feeling can become manageable and lessen as you learn how to grow again. There is no way around the journey of grief— it is a necessary part of the healing process.  Although you may be finding it hard to look to the future or feel like you can still achieve all of your hopes, dreams and plans please take comfort in knowing there are other bereaved teenagers who have done this. Do you recognise any of these celebrities? They all had important people die when they were young, if they can do it then you can to!!

1.Bella Thorne, actress (dad, aged 9) 2.Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), musician (mum, aged 8) 3.Dove Cameron, actress (dad, aged 15) 4.Tom Daley, Olympic diver (dad, aged 12) 5.Prince William and Harry (mum aged 15&12) 6.Alan Davies, actor (mum, aged6) 7.Joe Swash, actor (dad, aged 11) 8.Sean Combs (P Diddy), musician (dad, aged 3) 9.Sally Taylor, BBC news presenter (mum, aged 6) 10.The Kardashians, reality tv stars (dad, aged 16&18) 11.Maya Rudolph, actress (mum, aged 7) 12. John Torode, chef (mum, aged 4) 13. Ethan and Grayson Dolan, You Tubers (dad, aged 18) 14. Madonna, singer (mum, aged 5) 15.Austin Mahone, singer (dad, aged 1)


“Breathe, eat, drink & take one day at a time. Remember to look after yourself, it is okay to be selfish for a while!” Simon Says Young Person 

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