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1 in 25 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling during their school years.

School is one of the most stable places in a child’s life and how bereavement is handled there can make a big difference to their lives.

It can be difficult for teachers and staff in schools to support a bereaved child, they may feel uncomforta­ble and feel that they don’t have the skills necessary, or even be worried that they could make the situation worse.

With information and resources Simon Says can equip those that work in schools to help children cope with their feelings while holding on to memories of the person who has died.

We can also support you in educating the wider school community about the topic of loss, grief and bereavement helping break down the barriers around this ‘taboo’ subject and create a supportive environment  amongst peers.

We support schools in Hampshire, including Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council by offering –

  • A Telephone Support Line

  • Advice and Guidance to staff on individual cases

  • Training and Workshops

  • Presentations

  • Assemblies and Lesson Plans

  • Resources

  • Advice and Guidance to staff on individual cases

  • Help setting up your own school bereavement support group

  • Support writing a school bereavement policy

  • Links in to our monthly support groups



Useful information and resources for school professionals supporting bereaved children


Bereavement Policy and Bereavement Guidelines for Schools

‘Every 22 minutes a parent of a child dies that’s around 23,600 bereaved children each year.  Almost one in every class.  Many more are bereaved of a grandparent, sibling, friend, teacher or other significant person in their life’.

It is almost inevitable therefore, that at some time any school will have to deal with a death that impacts the whole school community.  Death is something that we do not like to think about, so when we are faced with it, we often find ourselves underprepared. These guidelines are intended to be used to assist you in creating your own bereavement policy which is relevant for your educational setting.  You may want incorporate all or part of this document.  Please feel free to adapt it to suit your unique needs.

Download guide here

COVID Bereavement Support Group Guide

When children and young people have been bereaved in exceptional circumstances they may need extra, intensive support before they are able to access ‘normal’ support services.  This guide provides 4 weekly sessions to support the bereaved to talk about and begin to work through their trauma.  To realise they can continue their journey in spite of their experiences.

Download guide here

‘Let’s Learn About Mental Health’ Project

It comprises of a unit of 6 lesson plans designed to encourage pupils to talk about, and improve their understanding of mental health, anxiety, depression, self-harm and bereavement. Pupils will learn: how to recognise issues with mental health or bereavement, preventative steps to take, strategies to manage the ‘big feelings’, the importance of talking about it, how and where to seek appropriate support.

Each lesson builds on the previous one so they should be delivered in order.

The lesson plans and resources for each lesson are provided in print and PDF format, and includes additional teaching support and further information in the form of sign-posting to external resources and advice services, references, PSHE Objectives and Cross-Curriculum links.

Download the guide here.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage Plans & Resources

A series of 6 lesson plans and resources which help children explore the concept of death in an age appropriate way; exploring the natural world and what makes something dead or alive, looking at the role of our emergency services, thinking about things that make us happy and sad, memories, funerals and saying goodbye…..

Download zip file here

Coffins Presentation

An introduction to coffins, what are they made from, what do they look like, what do they tell us about the person inside? A look at coffins made in Ghana.

Emotions Presentation

A sorting activity to help young children recognise and name emotions.

Key Stage One & Two

Suitable for KS1

Coffins Presentation

An introduction to coffins, what are they made from, what do they look like, what do they tell us about the person inside? A look at coffins made in Ghana.

Suitable for KS1 & 2

Lifespans Presentation

A look at lifespans of different species and humans, exploring the fact that everything living is born and will die but our lifespan in between is our story to be written.

Key Stage Three & Four

Secondary School Bereavement Support Group Guide

Bereaved young people often need some form of extra support, friends may be considerate and supportive but do not truly understand.  It is important to give them ‘hope’, a safe place to explore their feelings and progress along their bereavement journey.  We have found providing a specific group for bereaved pupils can have a positive impact upon their ability to cope within school.  We have written a series of 6 sessions and will happily support you to set up your own group within school.

Download the guide here.

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