Rachel’s Story

In 2011 my husband Pat was diagnosed with terminal brain tumours. From day one we knew it was a fight he wouldn’t survive but he kept positive and made plans for us. One thing Pat couldn’t plan for is how the girls would cope with losing him and if there would be support for them.  He constantly worried about this.

After Pat passed away on 26th June 2014 the girls needed the help Pat was worried they wouldn’t receive. A friend put us in touch with the child bereavement charity ‘Simon Says’.  The girls started to go along each month to their group and through activities they face what has happened so they can come to terms with it.  Each month they may have little setbacks but the group seems to pull them both up again and each month they seem a little stronger.  It’s amazing as to what they have achieved during this time!

 As a family we have been able to do the things Pat wanted us to do and visit some amazing places. Without the support ‘Simon Says’ has given to the girls some of this would have been impossible to do.

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