Rainey James learned to play guitar in secondary school. Since then, Rainey has been played on numerous radio stations up and down the country and played a range of shows in some of the UK’s top venues.

Supporting a child bereavement charity is very close to Rainey’s heart due to her own past as an orphan at 19 years old. Rainey found playing the guitar and writing songs was the only outlet she had for the emotions she experienced through losing both of her parents. She would like to help others by giving back to those who are providing support to young people and adults who have experienced the same past as her.

“My mum Elizabeth passed at 37 when I was 10 due to alcohol abuse brought on by the trauma of  giving birth to my sister (Alana) who was still born.

My father passed 9 years later from Cancer. He was 48, leaving me an orphan at 19.

Writing and singing was my way of dealing with this. In helping these children and young adults, if they look at me and see how I wrote this song, they can use their talents, whatever they may be, to help them through their hard times.”

The track Rainey is releasing in association with Simon Says, Somewhere Else, was written shortly after her dad passed away. All proceeds are going to Simon Says to assist with the supporting and inspiring the futures of those experiencing bereavement. Click <here> to listen to the single.


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