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    Lem is an Actor and singer who studied drama and loves Motown music. Lem is a HUGE Jessie J fan and was so over the moon to be on her team in The Voice in 2013. He didn’t go on to win  but has gone on to become ‘Bob’ in Billionaire Boy the musical, based on David Walliam’s book.

    Lem plays the character Bob a character whose dad died when he was young, is being bought up by mum alone, is a little overweight and is bullied at school. This has an emotional connection with Lem because his own dad died when he was young, just 8 years old. He has been brought up by his mum alone and was a little overweight and bullied at school!

    Lem’s dad died suddenly. He dropped Lem off to primary school and then went to the gym. At the gym, his dad’s heart stopped due to a condition he didn’t know he had and he died suddenly. Lem remembers the shock and recalls how his thoughts turned to being ‘the man’ of the house and needing to be good to help his mum. As an 8-year-old boy this is a big expectation – one of which he put onto himself!

    When Lem found out that the New Southampton Nuffield theatre was supporting Simon Says, he was overwhelmed and began to realise the extent of child bereavement and memories came flooding back. ‘You are not alone’ he kept saying to himself.

    On the press night, Lem met with some of the children and families from Simon Says and he spoke about his story and how he wanted to help and support Simon Says.

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